The production of the product will shortly be suspended. However, we already design the successor!

GLIM S-5 stereo integrated amplifierThe new version with triode connected power tube! The GLIM S-5 stereo integrated amplifier is capable of supplying realistic sound space and lifelike dynamics.

Together with medium impedance dynamic speakers it is an ideal solution for a demanding instrumental music listener at home. (guys at love it)

The GLIM S-5 model features a matched pair of new TESLA KT88 / 6550 vacuum tubes, ceramic tube sockets, point to point wiring, single ground point, silver plated copper signal wiring with teflon

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Completely new design. GLIM C-2 preamplifier is a fresh approach to line level amplification with separate regulated power supply. More information at the GLIM C-2 product page or please, contact us for further information and availability:


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